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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

When it comes to projects, most of them struggle to consolidate data so that it is comprehensive, accessible, regularly updated, and aligned. All of this can be resolved by incorporating Business Intelligence and providing a clear overview of KPIs into the project mix, which facilitates decision-making and assists project managers and teams in staying on track.

Our consultants make a thorough analysis of the bottlenecks, data sources, and needs of the project, so that they can suggest and help in implementing the most suitable BI solution.

BI tools bring many benefits for the project managers and contributors, helping them to make data-driven decisions, especially when it comes to:

  • Real-time Performance Monitoring on progress, cost, risk, and resources
  • Evaluating the status and performance of the important project elements and aligning project goals with the overall objectives by tracking KPIs
  • Making data from relevant data sources available in one location, so stakeholders and project members always have the latest correct information
two coworkers having debate about a project progress.
Business Intelligence

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