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Teams collaborating on project-related matters
Professionals actively participating in a productive project meeting

One-stop-shop – XER Project Setup Concept

We approach every project by providing a complete Project Setup, a unique concept with seamless application and quantifiable outcomes.  

Our Project Setup thoroughly covers all the essentials by giving the project management organization all the disciplines necessary for a project’s successful completion. In order to fully realize the concept of a “one-stop shop,” the Setup is divided into two sections: Client Solutions (management consulting-style services) and Project Operations (staffing and resourcing).   

The flexible approach used by XER considers all of the client’s requirements while determining what is necessary to get the desired result. This means that in addition to offering consultancy, we may also advise using the appropriate software or enhancing the client’s expertise by providing project management training. 

What we aim to achieve


We combine a hands-on approach and consultancy to support mega and large projects from start to finish.


We aim to build tomorrow’s society by successfully connecting the dots of all Project Setup related components. 

Are You Interested in Working with Us?

We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you are structured and like what you see here, or if you are a whiz at planning and management and want to help our clients embedded in their operation, we would love to hear from you.